5-starA rare find, just like the artifact at the centre of this novel... By Hannah

I stayed up until very very late one night reading this novel. Very difficult to put down once you're immersed, the pages just keep on turning...
For those who mistrust glowing reviews of self-published novels, let me reassure you that this novel is, truly, exceptional. There's a reason it has so many five star reviews; because it's that good!
Though the protagonist is a teenager, making this suitable as a YA read, this novel will definitely appeal to older readers too. It has all the depth and incredible world building that many YA paranormal novels lack, and the descriptive language is simply beautiful. This author knows how to weave a spell with words, how to pull you into the world she's created and make it real. I loved the English and European settings, the very real bits of history that underpin the plot, and the characters are wonderful. Both the main character/s and secondary characters are well-imagined and believable. Seed is told from the point of view of Sage, an identical twin, and something tells me her sister Saffron's story might be next. In this novel we see Sage go through a complete journey of self discovery, from girlhood to womanhood, and I was in her corner for every minute of the thrilling ride. (Helicopter ride over the Vatican? Bring it on!)
Highly recommended.

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